About Dominic Molino

Since 2010, Dominic Molino has been studying at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where he is working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Game Art Technology. Prior to attending Full Sail, Dominic Molino spent one year studying graphic design at St. Petersburg College.

Dominic Molino is an avid art enthusiast. One of his largest inspirations came from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel murals. He focuses his efforts on every realm of art, spending much of his time painting, drawing, sculpting, digitally painting, and designing three-dimensional animations. He also shares his love of art by volunteering as an art therapy teacher. In the future, Dominic Molino would like to design video games for a major gaming company such as Blizzard or Bethesda. He also hopes to start a company with his brother Dante to produce graphic novels, web comics, and comic books. Mr. Molino also plays the drums and appreciates a variety of music, particularly jam bands, electronic music, and dubstep. His favorite musicians are The Muggs, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Black Keys, Datsik, and Passion Pit.

Dominic Molino is passionate about sports, and he played lacrosse during middle school and high school. He was the captain of the first lacrosse team at Dallas High School in Pennsylvania. He also enjoys watching football, and his favorite teams are the Steelers and the Eagles.

If he achieves financial success, Mr. Molino’s primary goal is to repay his parents for the support they have provided over the course of his life.

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